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CATION RESIN, Cation Resin

CATION RESIN, Cation Resin

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CATION Standard resin is a high capacity, conventional gel polystyrene strong acid cation exchange resin designed for use in residential or industrial water softening equipment. Cation resin in sodium form removes hardness ions such as calcium and magnesium by replacing them with sodium. When the resin bed is exhausted the hardness ions begin to pass through the bed. Functionality is returned by regeneration with concentrated sodium or potassium chloride solution. The capacity obtained depends largely on the amount of salt used in the regeneration. Typically 15 lbs. of chemical per ft3 is used to obtain maximum capacity of up to 33,000 grains per ft3.

Our standard mesh cation exchange resin provides for economical softening capabilities of both household and commercial water softeners. WQA Gold Seal certified against NSF/ANSI 61.


Cation Resin, 8%, Gold, 1 Cu Ft Bag

CATION - Resin Typical Characteristics Polymer Structure Polystyrene 8% cross linked with Divinylbenzene Physical Form and Appearance spherical beads Whole Bead Count 90% Min. Functional Groups Polystyrene sulfonate Ionic Form (as shipped) Na+ Shipping Weight, approx. 850 g/l (50 lb./ft.3 ) Mesh Size (U.S. Std.) 16-50 Moisture retention, Na+ form 45–50% Swelling, Na+—>H+ 5% max. Total Capacity in sodium form 1.9 me/ml pH Range, Stability 0–14



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