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NFS-HF-BYPASS, RES/LT Comm Cart Tank Sys w/ Bypass.

NFS-HF-BYPASS, RES/LT Comm Cart Tank Sys w/ Bypass.

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This residential system features an integrated design with an integrated bypass that utilizes industry standard threaded fitting kit connections so that water can be shut off to the system but still allow for water usage. The system includes 1" MNPT elbow or straight connectors to the bypass and requires no gluing! An Umbrella Cap® is included with every system, along with a 3/8" fitting and shut-off integrated into the inlet side to allow rapid tubing connection for draining of the system of sediment and water during filter changeout.

This new connection system is an alternative to the 1 ¼” female glue socket connection that has been offered as the connection solution to the Cartridge Tank®, and can be used with all current POE (Point-of-Entry) filters in the BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE and WHITE filtration series.

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