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NFS-PL10/5-HF, Pleated Filter, 10/5 mic, Orange Series, CT-1005

NFS-PL10/5-HF, Pleated Filter, 10/5 mic, Orange Series, CT-1005

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The Orange Filtration Series are dual gradient double pleated filtration solutions for extended life and use, with filtration levels of 5, 10 and 20 microns. The filters are designed with a larger pre-filtration layer externally and the smaller internally, extending filtration level contamination and service life, while achieving high flow and low pressure drop.

The filters will outperform competitive filtration solutions in all turbidity applications including silt, rust, and other particle filtration. The Orange Series also provides lower shear water velocity as the raw water passes through the filter, allowing for more contact time and interaction with the extensive surface area of the filters. This results in higher water quality and longer life of the filtration system.

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