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PIONEER PF CART, PFAS Removal Cartridge for 8 Chemicals,

PIONEER PF CART, PFAS Removal Cartridge for 8 Chemicals,

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THE PIONEER PF cartridge filter with the PIONEER SYSTEM features ENPRESS ATOMUS PF8, an NSF/ANSI 61 certified and proprietary filtration media for the water treatment industry designed to remove PFAS chemicals from drinking water. Designed to be user-friendly with no hazardous waste streams or bulk media replacement, PIONEER PF has been proven to remove PFAS to non-detect levels.

PIONEER PF cartridge filters provide molecular selectivity to both long and short-chain PFAS (poly and perfluoroalkyl) substances, whose adsorption is not affected by the co-presence of inorganic ions or other water characteristics like pH and TOC. Once full, the media can be regenerated up to 10 times, and the desorbed PFAS can be destroyed entirely. Exhausted ATOMUS PF8 media can be safely disposed of by incineration or landfill without creating secondary PFAS contamination.

PIONEER PF has superior characteristics of rapid kinetics, high treatment capacity, resistance to fouling, easy regeneration, an extended duty-cycle, and has been proven to remove PFAS contaminants in water to non-detect in concentrations totals of 3000ppt+ at 8gpm for 100,000+ gallons. These PFAS contaminates include PFHpA, PFOA, PFNA, PFDA, PFBS, PFHxs, PFOS, and GenX.


  • Residential & light commercial water filtration installations
  • RV parks
  • Hotels
  • Casinos & Resorts
  • Military bases
  • Aquaculture
  • Food processing
  • Manufacturing plants
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