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A520E is a macro porous strong-base anion resin which is designed for the removal of nitrates from water for potable processes for both residential and community water systems. Regenerated with brine. No nitrate dumping at the end of service and longer service runs.

A850 is a gelular type 1 strong base anion exchange resin with an acrylic matrix for the adsorption of soluble tannins that contribute to color and taste in drinking water. The acrylic matrix ensures excellent removal of organic matter from a water supply in conjunction with its reversible removal upon regeneration. This resin is regenerated very efficiently with lower levels of sodium hydroxide than those required for a polystyrene based type I resin, and yet it has a comparable ability to remove weaker acids including carbonic acid and silica. It’s used in combination with a polystyrene-based resin (for instance in a mixed bed positioned after the anion unit) can often result in the removal of a wider spectrum of organic compounds than either type of anion resin alone.

A860 is a macro porous type 1 strong base anion exchange resin with an acrylic matrix for the adsorption of soluble tannins that contribute to color and taste in drinking water. Since is has an acrylic matrix like the A850, it works the same way with the removal of organic matter, regeneration and removing weaker acids. It can also be used is combination with a polystyrene-based resin for the same effects. It is particularly resistant to organic fouling, even where loadings are relatively high.

SST-60 is a high-efficiency softening resin based on gel type shallow-shell technology. Lower hardness leakage. Significant savings in salt usage. The shorter the diffusion path, the more rapid the softening exchange occurs. Reducing the depth of penetration required to cleanse the resin allows for a more complete regeneration and provides a higher, more efficient utilization of the regenerant. The result is a resin with unsurpassed salt efficiency, lower leakage and reduced rinse water requirements. TANEX is a proprietary blend of special and patented anion exchange resins used for removal of tannins and organic matter in water used primarily for potable applications. TANEX is useful in reducing more difficult-to-control organic matter and color that may exist as partially dissolved and partially colloidal in nature.

ASM-10-HP is a strongly basic hybrid anion exchange resin specially formulated to selectively remove arsenic. It is supplied in the salt form as clean, moist, tough, uniform, spherical beads. ASM-10-HP exhibits extraordinary throughput capacity in arsenic removal service on potable water supplies. Its performance is virtually unaffected by common anions, such as chlorides, bicarbonates or sulfates. It is effective over the entire pH range of potable water. It has the highest arsenic removal capacity of organic based arsenic removal media, with no Arsenic dumping - effluent arsenic levels will not exceed influent levels if resin is operated past exhaustion point. Spherical and uniform particle size provide low pressure drop and greater resistance to bed compaction. Unlike granular, coated medias, ASM-10-HP will not shed particles.

ASM-10-HP is made from NSF/ANSI-61 validated Anion Exchange Resin.

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