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UV Sterilizer, 21 GPM w/Lightlock Tech

UV Sterilizer, 21 GPM w/Lightlock Tech

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Water Treatment Solutions line of UV’s feature the Luminor next generation controller with an industry first, encrypted lamp lock technology! This state-of-art controller allows dealers the ability to lock each controller to their specific brand eliminating the possibility of lost or stolen lamp sales. Luminor’s LIGHTLOCK™ is only available on the new 5.1/6.1 controller platform and is built on the foundation of 6 years of field-tested updates. The controller case includes an integral heat sink for robust cooling, as well as the LIGHTLOCK™ port for your encrypted lamp key. Other enhancements include new screens for replacement parts information as well as improved circuitry, efficiency and end of lamp life protection. In addition the controller includes a lamp dimming function for improved energy efficiency and reduced operating costs (requires optional flow module).

• Axial flow 304 stainless steel reactors for optimum fluid dynamics yet still allows for lamp/sleeve service without the need to drain the water
• Low pressure (LP) coated UV lamps for consistent UV output throughout rated lamp life of 9,000 hours
• LED lamp countdown constant current electronic ballast
• Color user interface with full diagnostics and warnings including QR codes
• Includes LIGHTLOCK™ technology for protected lamp sales
• IEP (infinite expandability port) for future upgrades & options
• Sensor port for future upgradeability, comes with integral visual glow plug
• Full customization available as an option (language, home screen, phone, QR codes, etc.)


  • NWTS UV Lamp for NWTS-UV5-21
  • NWTS Quartz Sleeve for NWTS-UV5-21
  • Sherpa Remote Monitor for NWTS-UV5 Sys.


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