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VIQUA-E4-PLUS, UV Sterilizer, 22 gpm, 650683

VIQUA-E4-PLUS, UV Sterilizer, 22 gpm, 650683

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UV Sterilizer, 22 gpm UV Sterilizer, 22 gpm


Features and Benefits 

  • Tidal™ Chamber - Aligns the inlet and outlet ports on a single plane for ease of installation. This reduces the necessity for complicated plumbing rerouting and decreases the number of fittings, resulting in a lower pressure drop. A more efficient chamber means a smaller lower power lamp is needed, which means a smaller system requires less energy.
  • PolyProtect™ - Blocks UV light so the VIQUA Arros can plumb directly to PEX and other polymer materials. Eliminates the risk of UV degradation of pipe materials
  • Rigid Steel Bracket - Simplified mounting ensures improved alignment of bracket and chamber, eliminating sloppy installs.
  • Flexible Installation - Chamber installs vertically or horizontally; the controller accommodates water from either direction in plumbing
  • Stream™ Technology - Tracks the actual hours per day the lamp is powered and enables timely lamp replacement for continued optimal performance. 
  • All-in-one Lamp Design - Saves time during installation and maintenance. Includes lamp and quartz sleeve in a single connection ensuring a proper electrical component without requiring a lamp harness.

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